Q-Why should i hire you? What makes you qualified?

A-Because i'm a current sex worker and i have over six years of experience in this industry. Aside from my sex work career I also launched and managed a residential cleaning business for three years and was responsible for all aspect including marketing.I'm also the current owner of a successful web design and branding company unrelated to the sex work world. I thrive on the psychology behind marketing and branding and it's one of my true passions in life.


Q-Do you have enough experience to truly help me on my journey?

A-This is a fair question.I have 6 years under my belt in the sex work world and a life long love for business and  marketing. I can say with certainty I have ample experience to help you achieve your goals.


Q-How long do you web design services take?

A-This can depend upon the project but generally 3 weeks. Rush orders are available for a 7 day rush for an additional $250.


Q-Do you accept any other payment besides square?

A-Yes i can also accept paypal,venmo and i accept any debit/credit card right here on my site.