How Candid Consulting is Different


To put it simply i'm not one to give unrealistic advice about where you currently are in your career or shame anyone.

I believe that everyone at any level wants to make more money,after all that is one of the major goals of business right?

With that said i'm excited about working with sex workers of all levels,races,genders and backgrounds. Whether it be writing a copy that gets you the type of clients you desire,learning how to advertise effectively or giving your whole business and brand a make-over i'm here for you. 

I always provide a thorough consultation without rushing you so I can asses the best way to help you. I’m also an escort and I have likely dealt with the same problem you are having at some point during my career.


My advice is straight forward and very candid while being tactful and professional. It takes time,money and hard work but it's so worth it!